Monday, January 25, 2010

Senator Claire Moore, can we have The Wheeler Report please?

Email sent to Senator Claire Moore on Australia Day 2010 . . .

From Kim Bax, to Senator Claire Moore

Hi Claire,

I've just updated this site "Women for Schapelle" with a very prominent, front-page link to info about The Wheeler Report, which exposes serious criminality at Australian airports at the time of Schapelle's arrest. Check it out to see what I mean:

Now Claire, I have a problem. Either my Google search skills are not what they were, or all publicly available versions of the full report have been completely excised from the net. Therefore Claire, can you please forward an electronic copy to me?

Very best wishes, Kim

CC - Every Federal politician in Queensland

Update, 27th Jan 2010 - Claire forwarded the report with great efficiency (thanks Claire), and HERE it is