Sunday, September 12, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Corruption Cops Under the Microscope

{Addit - While in the process of writing the below, an ACLEI officer rang me at home (thank you, much appreciated), and we had a long and fruitful conversation. He assured me that a genuine "Assessment" was (and is), in place. He listened respectfully, and talked a great deal of sense. I understand his problems (re the sensitivity of all information), and he (possibly), understood mine, re the necessity of putting a huge rocket behind the rear end of some moribund, corrupt, complacent and cruel actors/players in this saga. These are the people who have got so used to winning in a fixed game, they think their luck will hold out forever. Well, here's a message for them, so long as Schapelle is dying in a squalid Bali hell hole, they will never, ever rest. So thanks for that phone call ACLEI, it's a breath of fresh air to speak to someone in authority with intelligence and compassion (and that's a genuine remark). All I can do is trust you to do your job. Now, all I can do is carry on with mine . . . see below}.

Philip, I am sick and tired of your games. Please treat this as a formal Freedom of Information request. I have phoned your organisation at least five times (maybe six), over the last few days, asking for information on this process. Each time, the person who answered the phone didn't have a clue, and couldn't find anyone else who had a clue, and despite many promises someone would "Call me back," no-one ever has. Therefore, once you receive this please do one of two things, either accept this as a formal application, or contact me immediately re the processes of making a formal FOI application, so I can do so forthwith. Is that clear?

Briefly, I want any and all internal ACLEI documentation relating to the 16 week "Assessment" that Steven Hays rang me about recently, in relation to the complaint I initiated. Failing that (if this information would compromise your investigations), I want a start date, or an approximate time frame, re formal investigations. Are we looking at days, weeks, or months? That's not unreasonable. You've already had considerable time, and while there's an acute need for secrecy in any covert operation (understood), this must be balanced by public trust in your good faith. Or would you prefer Schapelle to die before you get your act together?

Now, here's some further information for you (from me), in numbered points. I expect any reply to re-iterate them (copy & paste), with your formal response beneath. This will prevent avoidance and confusion - and if your professional officers want to know where to start, it might give them some pointers.

1. Please ensure the Australian public gets full and comprehensive answers to these numbered questions. Both QANTAS and the AFP are point blank refusing to respond, and I don't have the formal authority to make them. You do.

2. Question 11 (to the Australian Federal Police), re the QANTAS baggage handlers getting off scot free (after massive cocaine importations), is very important, especially as some members of the Police appear to agree with me, and those officers have publicly underlined the point.

3. Question 16 (to the Australian Federal Police), refers to Mick Keelty's lies about Schapelle. When you come to investigating it, will you also (please), note one very basic, common sense point. Since when does the accused (in any jurisdiction), get to veto the examination (or otherwise), of forensic evidence relating to their case? The notion is bizarre. What next, murderers canning finger prints from the bloody knife? Obviously, Schapelle gave her full and unreserved permission, but why in hell was it needed anyway? Did the Indonesians ask her if they could burn the evidence too? I think not. They didn't need her "Permission" to do that, did they?

4. Bruce Griffin (paragraph 21), a former NSW drug squad detective, testified that some local drug traffickers (with the help of airport contacts), use the luggage of innocent passengers to move drug shipments between Australian cities - an accusation also echoed by Ray Cooper, former Chief of Internal Investigations for the Australian Federal Police. Please make sure you talk to both former officers, and retain transcripts of these interviews.

5. I have put in a FOI application (to the Australian Federal Police). Please make sure you seek copies of the same information, and retain. If they are unable to provide this documentation, please investigate this issue further, and provide a written report.

6. Here is The Wheeler Report. Please note (page 111), Sir John Wheeler asserts cannabis is smuggled through Australian airports, and he makes comments about the corruption of airline employees in this endeavour. Please interview Sir John Wheeler about these assertions, and retain the transcript.

7. Please note this press report, re the smuggling of large amounts of cannabis between Australian domestic airports, as well as this one.

8. Please note that "Tom" (as identified by Clive Small), also trafficked in cannabis (paragraph 4, here) - and as Clive Small explains, "Tom" was associated with Shayne Hatfield (paragraph 5), one of the criminals responsible for this cocaine importation (via QANTAS Airlines, Sydney Airport), on the day Schapelle flew.

9. Please also locate (and interview), Steve and Dee (page 2), innocent Australian tourists who found a large amount of cannabis in their luggage, after travelling from Australia to Bali.

10. Please note this document, especially pages 4 & 5, re the corrupt QANTAS baggage handlers (smuggling drugs between domestic airports), identified during the course of "Operation Precipice." Please note those pages also refer to a Kevin Geraghty, given a prominent mention in this shocking press article Airport Security Gaps Exposed.

11. Please investigate these three QANTAS baggage handlers, employed at Sydney Airport (at the time Schapelle flew), who were charged with drug smuggling offences in relation to their work. I believe (you will need to confirm), that two were acquited, and one was sentenced.

12. Please investigate this further criminal QANTAS baggage handler (drug dealer), and obtain the electronic surveillance records. He was employed at Sydney Domestic Airport at the time Schapelle flew, with full security clearance. Another press article about him is reproduced here. And while you're at it, could you possibly ask Steve Jackson why he told me no QANTAS baggage handlers were ever charged with drug-related offences? Because when I ring his office to inquire, his staff put the phone down on me.

13. And here's (yet another), criminal QANTAS baggage handler at Sydney Airport you will need to investigate (again, employed at the time Schapelle flew). I've also detailed more information about him here.

14. You will also need to investigate the activity and responsibilities of Tony Conwell, former QANTAS Security Manager, sacked for his connections to Michael Hurley, who was involved in the cocaine importation on the day Schapelle flew. More info on Hurley here.

I think all that might be enough to get on with for now, though Philip, please don't forget the book waiting in the wings, the upcoming magazine articles (potential inside spread/summary here), and the ongoing Facebook project.