Saturday, April 16, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Australian Holiday Packages Are Cheaper & Better Quality Than Bali Packages

As I wrote here, "Wotif" confirms Aussie holidays are cheaper and less hazardous than a trip to Bali, so I thought it would be useful to check out packages as well. I picked this site at random, and chose the cheapest 7 day deal on the Gold Coast, and the cheapest 7 day deal in Bali (flying from Sydney). The Bali deal was $981 per person for 2-star accommodation, while the Gold Coast deal was $606 per person for 4-star accommodation. That's a whopping saving of $375, and you get a better quality hotel.

So while some commentators may wish to repeat a comforting mantra to soothe the investors, the reality is many Aussies won't be going back to Bali any time soon, and they aren't shy of telling anyone and everyone who cares to listen - as will all the poor mugs who get ripped off by the Bali police. And why should they return, when they can spend their time enjoying themselves (rather than sitting on the loo and vomiting, as up to 50% of visitors to Bali do), and get more quality for less money at home? And if Indonesia is still holding an innocent woman hostage (much to the disgust of 85% of Australians), when the book and documentary come out, I guess the outlook will get even bleaker.