Monday, August 22, 2011

Schapelle Corby - The New South Wales Police Integrity Commission is a Corrupt, Criminal Organisation That . . .

(Addit to the below - The NSW Police Integrity Commission tells the Australian public to"Get f*cked" on the 24 August 2011, with my further response here, plus a PS relating to this issue)

. . . supports and encourages corrupt police (the subject of that latter link was never charged either) . . .

Click on the letter (above), from the New South Wales Police Integrity Commission to enlarge and read. It's in response to this complaint, asking them to investigate corrupt top cop Mark Standen's role in Operation Mocha. Here's my reply . . .

Dear Jerrold,

You might openly choose to spit in the face of justice, and blatantly ignore calls to investigate the slimy past of one of Australia's most criminal cops - as you pack of incestuous, corrupt bastards openly pay violent, drug smuggling criminals hundreds of thousands of dollars, but you cannot ignore a formal FOI request. Please treat this as such.

And further, my allegations are NOT unsupported - maybe you should put a bit more water with your whisky Jerrold if you can't understand that the Australian Federal Police themselves admit that Qantas baggage handlers imported millions of dollars worth of drugs into Australia in 2004, and yet none (p 42), were ever arrested or charged. You're a corrupt, incompetent old man who badly needs to retire. Maybe the crooks you're helping to keep on the streets could contribute to your superannuation?

Further, it is not "Unsupported" that police insiders leaked information about Operation Mocha to criminals, because Mark Standen unsuccessfully tried to crucify Gerry Fletcher for it. So are you too dumb and incompetent to find out who did? Or is someone lining your back pocket to look the other way?

Neither is it "Unsupported" that Mark Standen trashed crucial CCTV footage and X-ray imagery on the very day his criminal scroat "Tom" used innocent Qantas passengers as unwitting drug mules.

And neither are the allegations of major police corruption at our airports "Unsupported." They're supported by both Allan Kessing and Caterina Magni.

So, here's my formal FOI request . . . if these documents don't exist (and you will have to tell me that), and/or you refuse me access, please be assured, that information will be just as valuable . . .

1. "Tom" threatened to blow the whistle on corrupt NSW Police. Please supply me with any and all documentation relating to your investigations of the officers "Tom" threatened to name on that occasion.

2. A corrupt NSW police officer (possibly Mark Standen), gave crooks inside information on Operation Mocha (as I've referred to above). Please supply me with any and all documentation relating to your investigations re which police officer carried out this unlawful act.

3. The Australian Federal Police openly admit that baggage handlers were engaged in criminal activity (this should spell that fact out for you, get your reading glasses on if it's too blurry) - and yet no NSW Police officer ever arrested or charged any of these characters. Please supply me with any and all documentation relating to your investigations into that key lapse, or is the law different in Australia?

I believe you have 30 days to respond. Regards, Kim

PS - Remember what happened to the dinosaurs, and believe me Jerrold, you're heading in the same direction . . .