Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Is David Gyngell, CEO of Australia's Channel 9, Censoring the News At The Expense Of His Own Company?

Click on the image to read an email just sent to the Channel 9 News Team. Pic of David Gyngell (and wording in red), super-imposed afterwards.

Dear David,

I've just spoken to your PA Chantelle re the scorching new documentary at expendable.tv which reveals shocking new evidence about Schapelle - including the illegal diversion of her bag from the required x ray screening (after check-in), as confirmed by Government correspondence - and the lady seemed genuinely surprised Channel 9 hadn't reported this news. She took down the details, gave me her email address, and said if I contacted her, she'd make sure you got the info. So here it is.

Your news staff (as ip records clearly show, plus the multiple emails they've received), have been reading this information for weeks - so why are they keeping this explosive story from the Australian public? And why is another 9 asset (Woman's Day Magazine), doing the same?

How much longer do you think your organisation can sit on this? And how much credibility will you lose with the Australian public when the truth finally escapes? And how much income is your news corporation losing by staying silent?

I'll be in touch again (soon), for an answer.

Best wishes, Kim