Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Schapelle Corby - An Open letter to Christine Milne, Leader of the Australian Greens

Addit to the below - Christine Assange now supports this campaign to free Schapelle

Dear Christine,

As this explosive new documentary proves - plus the shocking further evidence that came to light just after it was released, Schapelle's innocent, and the victim of gross insider corruption that puts us all in danger.  I'm sure you remember the Lockerbie aviation disaster?

Maybe Schapelle (and all the passengers on her flight), were actually very lucky - that 4.2 kilos of marijuana could easily have been 4.2 kilos of Semtex.

Further, both New Idea Magazine (here) and The Gold Coast Bulletin (here) reported these shocking facts earlier this year.

I'm also sure you'd be justifiably incensed if Australia punished foreign nationals far in excess of its own citizens, for the same crime - so I suggest you read this shocking information re the savage, completely unprecedented and highly discriminatory sentence Indonesia gave to Schapelle.

Now despite this, Greens Senator Sarah Hanson Young (your spokesperson for human rights - does include the human rights of Australians? I'm not sure), has point blank refused act or speak out on any of these issues - and Senator Larissa Waters (for Queensland, Schapelle's home state and mine), also refused a request for a meeting without explanation.  This is despite the fact Queensland Senator Clare Moore very graciously met with some of Schapelle's supporters last year (myself and a friend), and watched a clip of the doco in her office. Obviously she has more time for Queenslanders than Larissa does?

Now, I was always a very keen supporter of The Greens, and even (as local my Greens candidate Andy Grodecki knows), handed out how-to-vote cards for the party at election time - but no more I'm afraid, after this experience.

Problem is Christine, Macquarie Bank is deeply implicated in this corruption cover-up - and they donate huge sums of money to both sides of the political divide, plus they provide very lucrative "Consultancies" to politicians like Bob Carr.   Is this why you're not speaking out? Does your pact with the ALP keep you quiet? For instance, do you approve of the $1.6 million (of our tax dollars), spent on buying the silence of a criminal QANTAS baggage handler? Because Bob Carr knows all about that.

Now here's a reminder of the open support The Greens gave to Schapelle in 2005, when she was "Fashionable"- before the gross media smear campaign. Further, I want to remind you of your stated policies re the human rights of Australians.

I'd like a meeting with you on these issues please Christine (because my local Greens Senator, Larissa Waters, has point-blank turned me down) - and as you can see from this clip, I don't bite.  I'm just a 50-something, mother of three, and a Registered Nurse. Nothing scary about that, is there?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Regards, Kim