Monday, March 25, 2013

Schapelle Corby: Bali, Why Bother? Spend your tourist dollars somewhere cleaner and safer

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In 2011 Australian journalist Carolyn Webb, in complaining about the constant harassment she got while on holiday in Bali, asked Bali, Why Bother? and 68% of respondents agreed with her.

Now, in this week's New Idea Magazine (read by over 1.2 million women, who are the chief decision makers when it comes to holidays), "Bali" and "Filth" are again very prominently linked in the readers mind, and I guess Indonesia will continue to get this very high profile bad publicity for as long as they decide to keep an innocent Australian woman in hell.  So let's look at a LOT of other reasons why Bali is not a good holiday choice . . . and all the links will take you straight through to the shocking facts.

Gross filth and pollution (Time Magazine) also confirmed by World surf champion Kelly Slater.

Endemic rabies (ABC)

50% of tourists end up with "Bali belly" (what a great way to spend your holiday, you'll need another one to recuperate).

Getting hassled by corrupt cops in SE Asia's most corrupt nation with the strong possibility (in the worst instance), of getting your life savings and house ripped away from beneath you - which also what happened to Michelle Leslie's parents.

Most of the Bali Bombers are already free (Herald Sun)

Bali Holidays are NOT "Cheaper"