Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Schapelle Corby - Correcting The Sins of the Journalist

Dear Robert,

Can you please investigate the payments Fairfax journalist Eamonn Duff admitted (under oath), he paid to criminal Malcolm McCauley as described HERE - and then confiscate those monies appropriately under the Federal Proceeds of Crime Act

Further, I have written repeatedly to the Federal Minister for Justice Jason Clare MP (for many weeks), asking him what happened to the criminal QANTAS baggage handlers who helped to import 200 kilos of cocaine into Australia in 2004 - because as far as I'm aware, this is a criminal act? In addition, this was the SAME crew who "Dealt" with Schapelle's bags.  Here's some detailed information about their undisputed crimes. So far Jason Clare MP has refused to respond to that simple question (though I will be publicly writing to him, and phoning him, again next week).  Taking into account Jason Clare's inexplicable silence, do you have an answer to that key question please Robert? Because unless someone answers it, Australia will appear on the World stage as a cheap little bannana republic when THIS GRAPHIC QUOTE appears on the front cover of Schapelle's next book.

Regards, Kim