Saturday, November 23, 2013

Schapelle Corby - An open letter to Amnesty Australia, The Australian Greens and The Australian Lawyers Alliance

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Claire Mallinson is the National Director of Amnesty Australia

Christine Milne is the Leader of the Australian Greens

Geraldine Collins is the National President of The Australian Lawyers Alliance

Dear Claire, Christine and Geraldine,

This is a formal and public request for your organisations to directly issue media releases condemning calls by Indonesian politicians to use Schapelle as a political punching bag.

Though I note when I phoned Christine Milne's office a few days ago (re this request), her staff gave me an immediate point blank refusal, then hung up - saying they were "Too busy" to talk.  Then when I spoke to Richard Trim at The Australian Lawyers Alliance (same day, with the same question), I again received a point blank refusal - and the voicemail message I later left on Geraldine Collins phone has been ignored.  And Amnesty Australia has consistently turned its face from these glaring corruption and human rights issues.

Further, Christine Milne completely ignored these corruption questions, as did The Australian Lawyers Alliance here.

So for the record, please note the high level involvement of Australia's most powerful bank in this shameful episode - a corporation that donates huge sums of money to both sides of the political divide.

I guess standing up to that kind of power turns the knees of all ambitious, aspiring politicos to jelly . . . welcome to the World of Australia's heavily compromised and cowardly human rights industry?

Meanwhile, the #qantascrims graphically expose Australia's shame each day, as the World shares the news with thousands.

Regards, Kim